Heartwood decay pathogen on Oak tree (sulphur fungus)Consulting at Arbor Works Tree Service is done with an analytical approach to diagnosing tough tree problems.

With over 33 years experience in the tree business, and an avid interest in Arboriculture, Craig Peterson is well adept at his trade through years of working as an ISA certified Arborist right here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A good tree diagnostician knows how to observe the subtle differences in a tree exhibiting abnormal appearance based upon familiarity with what is normal vigor for that species. This comes from years of observing trees in their environment both from the ground and up in the canopy.

Practical Arboricultural consulting starts with sound knowledge of the different characteristics that different tree species have, and their individual horticultural needs.

We look at the site and its soil, climate, horticultural practices, construction impact, pests, diseases, plant competition and all the interactions of these influential factors upon your tree. Based on this diagnosis we recommend the appropriate and approved treatments to correct plant maladies.

Damage from decay fungi

Damage from decay fungi

Tree hazard evaluation is an important part of what we do at Arbor Works. Knowledge of dangerous decay organisms and the conditions they thrive in is critical to the diagnostician.

Spotting internal defects in trees is a skill we have based upon arboricultural education and experience that comes with years of observing actual tree failures in the field and dissecting the wood during the course of removing them.

We also use diagnostic tools such as the resistograph decay detection device to assure accuracy in diagnosing internal defects.

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Severely compromised tree

Severely compromised tree

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