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Why hire a certified Arborist?

Certified Arborists are plant care specialists dedicated to excellence in the field of Arboriculture. They are highly qualified in the care of your valuable landscape trees shrubs and vines, using the latest up to date advances, and proven age old techniques.

A certified Arborist has earned this trade credential with the International Society Of Arboriculture by passing a rigorous comprehensive test and is required to attend additional educational seminars for continuing educational credits to retain this certification with the International Society of Arboriculture.

A Certified Arborist is educated and trained in:

  • Proper tree pruning
  • Diagnosis of diseases and insect problems and the proper treatments
  • Tree Biology
  • Species identification, selection, and characteristics
  • Maintaining proper horticultural conditions in the landscape
  • Tree hazard evaluation
  • Recognizing construction impact on trees
  • Knowledge of safe work practices

Hiring an Arborist is an important decision that should be made very carefully.

Trees require safety deadwood pruningTrees are living plants that add value to your property and are an important investment if properly cared for. Hiring the wrong person who performs harmful cutting or treatments could result in irreparable damage to your trees.

Be wary of people who call themselves “tree cutters”, “tree toppers”, landscapers, gardeners, or a handyman that “can perform tree work”. Tree work should be performed by those who are highly trained in safe work practices with the correct licensing, insurance coverage, and knowledge of tree biology and proper skills to do a good job.

Quite often the “best price deal ” is offered by those lacking all the above stated qualification criteria and the work results in the decline and death of the tree.

Poorly maintained trees can be a dangerous liability or an ugly nuisance. Tree removal is very costly, and the value of the loss of the landscape tree makes the “best price deal” a poor investment in the long run.

Tree removal is dangerous work both for the workers and the property surrounding them, especially large trees.

Trees add beauty to your lifeWhen selecting a tree company always consider:

1. That they insure their employees.

This means workman’s compensation insurance for workers. Homeowner’s insurance does not cover individuals performing work in the capacity of a contractor who should have workman’s comp. An injury or death could result in a lawsuit against you.

Check by having the carrier (such as State Fund or other company) send a certificate to you. If the contractor cannot provide this, DON”T HIRE THEM!

2. The company must have Public liability and property damage insurance.

This insures against injury to the public at large, damage to your house and property, and the property of others (commonly referred to as PL&PD). This is also a must! The contractor can have the carrier send a certificate.

3. A tree service must have a valid CA contractors license C61/D49 classification only, to legally perform tree service in the State Of California.

This carries a $7,500.00 consumer protection bond which protects you the consumer. This allows you to be compensated for damages automatically if the license board hearing agrees with your consumer grievance. The bond awards the consumer without court costs and attorney’s fees.

Check with the CA Contractors State License Board website (CSLB) to see whether or not a contractor is truly properly licensed. If he or she is, check the status of the contractor’s license (Active, deactivation, suspension, or cancellation). But most important check that the contractor has a valid workman’s compensation insurance certificate registered with them.

Be wary of any company that certifies with the CSLB they are exempt from workman’s compensation because they have no employees.

Tree work is impossible to perform by one solo person 90% of the time. If they certify that they have no employees with the CLSB and are claiming exemption from workman’s comp., DON’T HIRE THEM!

4. Always hire a certified Arborist Certified with the International Society Of Arboriculture (ISA). Check with The ISA website to make sure the certification is in good standing.

A Certified Arborist knows that practices such as “topping ” trees, wearing spikes on trees that are to be pruned, removing excessive live foliage and wood, and disfiguring trees are not recommended.